Welcome to Parafill – A New Generation of Pharmacy

Author: Chris Verdi, PharmD, President, Parafill

After graduating from pharmacy school at The Ohio State University, I was excited to be part of the next generation of pharmacists. One that was trained to solve complex problems and provide a new level of service to patients, doctors, and the community. During a brief stint working for a large pharmacy chain, this enthusiasm was tested. What I found was that while the training of the pharmacist had been updated, the delivery of pharmacy care had not. In fact, the system in place stood in the way of me taking care of my patients.

The demand for high volume in a typical retail pharmacy places an unsafe burden on the pharmacist, placing a wedge between the pharmacist and patient. This is leading to unacceptably high rates of medication error. The breakdown of the patient to pharmacist relationship couldn’t come at a worse time. Modern medications are increasingly complex (not to mention expensive), and people are taking more and more of them. The CDC estimates that 1.3 million emergency room visits happen on a yearly basis due to medication related problems, and so many of those errors are preventable! The pharmacist is the healthcare provider on the front line that can change this trend. 

With this in mind, I knew there had to be a better way to do things. The traditional retail pharmacy model simply wasn’t adequate to provide serious pharmacy care, or a better patient experience. This is why we created Parafill.

Parafill is a new kind of pharmacy, one that is centered around the patient. We do things a little bit differently. 

  1. We are personal.  When you register for services with Parafill online, over the phone, or through our app, we match you with a personal pharmacist from our team who is dedicated to your care. No more calling and talking to a different person every time, with Parafill you always have an advocate looking out for you. We believe in safety, personal service, and accountability. Having a dedicated pharmacist makes that possible. 
  2. We are convenient. You don’t have to come to us, we will come to you. We provide convenient same and next day delivery for all your prescriptions to the location of your choice, whether that’s your home or office.
  3. We make things simple. I’ve talked to too many patients over the years that find their pharmacy experience to be overwhelming. There are all sorts of confusing terms like “donut holes,” “coinsurance,” “coverage gaps,” and “prior authorizations” to name a few. The personal pharmacy team at Parafill can anticipate problems and keep your medications affordable and on schedule. 

The pharmacist used to be considered the most trustworthy and accessible of healthcare providers, but unfortunately over the past few years this hasn’t proven true for many patients. With Parafill, we want to restore that standard and more.

Come join us for a different kind of pharmacy experience. 

In health,