Three Reasons to Get to Know Your Pharmacist

Quick: name your pharmacist! Can you?

Most of us when asked “who is your doctor?” can provide a quick response with their name, where they practice, and maybe even a little personal detail about what they have done for us or why we like going to them. But few of us have an answer when asked “who is your pharmacist?” Pharmacists play an important role in our healthcare, yet so often we don’t think of having our own pharmacist, we think of having a pharmacy

It’s baked into the high volume business model so many pharmacies live by. The pharmacy staff simply doesn’t have the time to get to know their customers the way that they should. This lack of a personal element to pharmacy was part of the reason I founded Parafill Pharmacy.

  1. It could save you money. As pharmacists, we often don’t know if that $100 copay is really breaking the bank for you. We assume that you and your doctor have made a decision about what you should be taking. If your pharmacist knows you and your needs, they can speak with your doctor and recommend an alternative drug that is more friendly to your wallet. 
  2. It could save you time. Reaching your doctor to ask a question about your medication, its side effects, or safety with your other medicines can be a challenge. Knowing your pharmacist is a great resource to quickly get your questions answered.
  3. It could save your life. This one sounds dramatic, but many Americans are hospitalized and even lose their life due to medication related errors, commonly medication interactions. If you don’t know your pharmacist, or fill your medications at multiple different pharmacies, this sort of thing can be missed. If your pharmacist knows you, your health conditions, and the doctors who write prescriptions for you, then they are much more likely to step in and prevent such tragic errors. 

I can speak for most pharmacists when I say that we want to be more to you than a white coat behind the counter, but the traditional retail pharmacy setting so often prevents this.  At Parafill, we’ve removed the barriers that stand in the way of our pharmacists getting to know their patients. 

Reach out to us today and get a pharmacist you can know by name. It makes a difference.

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